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Colorado Spring Party
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Everyone's lining up outside the venue, but we catch the real action inside one of the rooms! A blonde gets her slutty twat licked and stuffed with a meatpole that makes her cum again and again. Dumb bitch is so sloshed she doesn't care if we watch, LOL!

Roof Top Finals Party!!
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While everyone's shmoozin' and boozin' around, a lovely redhead gets her bald cooter drummed hard by one of our buddies' big-balled meatlogs! Frisky bitch likes it rough and pretty soon everyone can hear her screaming as she cums. Stick around for the part where she finally eats jizz!

Jacuzzi Jizz-Off!!
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Have you ever seen a jacuzzi pool filled with so much jizz? We got a bunch of hot brunettes to strip off and get wet before we gave 'em more cockmeat than they could handle at this party. But these bitches were really game and they managed to squeeze all our jizz until WE cried 'Uncle,' LOL!

Titfuck Trouble!
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We held this party at this btich Amanda's pad, who let us know later that she was hungry for a lotta cock! My boys and I couldn't say no to a hot piece of ass like her, and in return she gave out incredible titjobs just before riding one of my mates' fucksticks. This girl's a real winner!

Girl-On-Girl Galore!
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You know those parties where everyone's horny and suddenly the skanks just start making out? Well, this here's one of those scenes where we managed to catch a handful of sluts feeling each other up and playing with each other's hot pussies! I swear, we gotta have more girls like 'em around!

Halloween Hoedown!
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Our Halloween shinding got toally amped up when Sylvia came in dressed as this red-hot she-devil and ended up sucking cock! Not only that, both of her girlfriends also got nasty and showed us what it's like to slap pussymeat together. Man, you gotta see these bitches go at it!

Threesome With Titbags!
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We invited the well-stacked Laura to one of our gigs, knowing she was up for a real good time. Well, we didn't know how game this slut was until she agreed to take on three of our boys all at once! Of course, her impressive rack ended up getting iced in cum after all her holes got pounded hard!

Rugmunchers Secret Bash!
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While everyone was partying on, our crew caught the deliciously Gothic Chandra making out with a galpal. Soon they got their mouths clamped all over each other's dripping snatches, and they even pronged their slits with a vibrator. You haven't seen real action until you've gone to our parties!

Preggo Porking!
| Members Area Updated Weekly!
Just because Sally's on the baby way doesn't mean she's gonna stop fucking! This horny momma-to-be's still as frisky as ever and she gets her fill of throbbing dickmeat while getting her swollen padoodie stuffed deep. We're guessing she's gonna pop out a jizz junkie just like her!

Santa Barbara Sinners!
| Members Area Updated Weekly!
Our latest CFF party was the perfect mixture of fun and debauchery!
This saucy little brunette had just enough booze and not enough cock...That
problem was about to be solved in front of everybody! This hard drinkin'
hardbody had everyone's attention and gets nailed in every position in the

BUSTED! Austin TX - Lewd Conduct, Indecent Exposer, Public Intoxication:
Local authorities were summoned by campus police Friday evening to aid in the break-up and dispersement of over 200 party goers at a local fraternity. Lewd conduct, indecent exposure and public intoxication were but of few of the many violations being committed as a film crew captured the night's debauchery on video. According to police spokesperson Dwayne T. Roberts, two members of the film crew were taken into custody around 2:17 AM and later released after they agreed never to return to the Austin campus or visit the great state of Texas ever again.Clarence Taylor, Dean of Admissions told reporters in a press conference hours after the mayhem, " It's not the type of thing we want in our learning institutions, these guys are predators who persuade young women into nudity, lesbianism and depraved sexual acts in front of countless spectators" Support The Arts!...
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Halloween Hedonism
| Members Area Updated Weekly!
It's Trick or Treat time and this nasty nurse has something sweet for all of us! This blonde groupie gets bent over a bass drum and Kevin gives her a backstage bonus bang! Plenty of hot and horny babes in kinky costumes make this CFF party one to remember!

BUSTED! Las Vegas, NV - Frat Party Goes Too Far!
Las Vegas Police arrived at a local fraternity house early Saturday morning to discover a scene which veteran officers described as "something out of Soddom and Gohmorrah." This party appears to be one of many organized by a group reportedly linked to adult websites exposing intoxicated students in various sexual acts. Lt. Blain Anderson said "I've never witnessed so much open sexual abandonment among college students in my 12 years on the police force." Authorities estimated nearly 250 individuals were in attendance upon their arrival, most were very intoxicated and several females were partially nude. Several students were questioned and released after information was obtained regarding two members of the film crew who were detained and later booked on charges of citing lewd conduct. Police said the names of the indiviuals were not released pending further investigation. ...
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Couch Creamin' Coeds 2
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Another CFF party...another soaked sofa...another satistied customer! Mikey stuffs this fiesty redhead's tight little box like it was the last pussy on earth! Hands down one of the hottest encounters we've ever witnessed during all the debauchery that is CFF. This girl loves every minute of it and before long, has Mikey's cock spewing like a wounded squid! Hey....We need a mop over here!

BUSTED! Santa Barbara, CA - Dean Imposes Curfew on Campus!
Ventura County Sherrifs deputies were dispatched to a fraternity party late Friday night in the 1800 block of Isla Vista St. An estimated 250 students were present, most innebriated and unruley. Several females were witnessed exposing their breasts as male students cheered them on and participated in high volume drinking games. Local police officers and campus security had been called to the residence a month prior when neighboring tenants complained of loud music, indecent exposure and individuals urinating on their lawns. All students on the roster had previously received a letter from the Dean of Admissions containing a threat of expulsion if any were caught attending any further events organized by the individuals connected to a website which features college parties resulting in lewd conduct and public sex. Get On The Dean's List! . ...
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Couch Creamin' Coeds
| Members Area Updated Weekly!
Another CFF party...another soaked sofa...another satistied customer! Mikey stuffs this fiesty redhead's tight little box like it was the last pussy on earth! Hands down one of the hottest encounters we've ever witnessed during all the debauchery that is CFF. This girl loves every minute of it and before long, has Mikey's cock spewing like a wounded squid! Hey....We need a mop over here!

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College Night
Nymphos, Part 1!
When the beats are thumpin'... the coeds start humpin'! This CFF party with a night club atmosphere had it all, hot babes lezzin' out on the dance floor, non-stop binge drinking and some hottie getting totally nailed on the couch!

Rush Week Ram-O-Thon, Part 2!
These frat boys know how to wind up "Rush Week" with style. If consuming massive amounts of beer wasn't enough, one of the new pledges decides to bang his new girlfriend on the pool table.! This chick was so proud of her pierced nipples she couldn't wait to show them off!

Rush Week Ram-O-Thon, Part 1!
A pool table at a frat house is more nessecary than indoor plumbing, especially when it is a launch pad for lesbian exhibition! Our man Amir get these girls so wound up they go at it like a couple of gibbons! This smokin' hot, blondie goes down on a busty brunette!

Backyard Brunette Bangers Part 2
After the beer and BBQ take effect, it's time to work off some of those calories! These two burn more calories than a late night excercise info-mercial! This curly redhead said she couldn't take dick on camera cause her boyfriend would shit, but she did let us film her playing with her pussy. Super hot solo girl stuff!

Backyard Brunette Bangers Part 1
Summer classes suck!...Except for the backyard BBQs to celebrate the end of finals! Too much sun?...Or too much booze? Who knows... Whatever the reason the swimsuits came off and before long they both had their snatches stuffed full of meat but don't worry, we made them wait 45 minutes before going back in the pool!

Double Dicked Dorm Chicks, part 2!
Blond coeds don't come anymore insatiable than this one! After her snatch gets used more than a highlighted Physics 101 textbook, she's ready for more meat and she finds it in the form of Alex! This dude's dong has caused more havoc on the campus than a National Guardsman at a Kent State peace rally!

Double Dicked Dorm Chicks, part 1!
This blond chick was on a quest for cock... Once the booze started flowing there was no stopping her. She gets a dickin' that would have taken most chicks out of commission and then has a few more cocktails just before she recruits another hard-cocked frat boy who she leads to the bathroom for a countertop bang-o-thon!

Cock Crazed Coeds, part 2!
Take two over-sexed freshmen hotties, mention the word party and add alcohol!...What you'll get is the subject of our latest collegefuckfest update! These two hot and nasty brunettes can't wait till they get home to taste each other... so who were we to stand in the way of some good ol' collegiate lesbian exhibitionism!

Cock Crazed Coeds, part 1!
When the beer flows like wine, the spark between these two brunette coeds breaks out into a four alarm fire and these horny, cheering male partiers will only serve to fan the flames! These two teach each other's twats a lesson in stimulation with a tounge lashing that would make any auctioneer jealous!

Frathouse Fuck Frenzy, part 2!
The carnage continues as our CFF crews cameras roll on this party where after these five chicks show up on a three day bender and commence to consume every drop of alcohol in the house. The party shifts into overdrive as this redhead coed announces that she's overdue for a dickin'! Our frat bro Justice had a hard-on with her name all over it.

Frathouse Fuck Frenzy, part 1!
The Greeks have gone gonzo again! When these guys throw a party, nobody's daughter is safe. They get the girls involved in a drinking game and this hot blonde, who just broke up with her boyfriend, starts really pounding down the booze.She gets so wasted and horny, she ends up becoming "house entertainment" when this guy starts pounding her on the couch!

Mid-term Mayhem, part 2!
This one is off the hook, out of control! Mid-Term Exams are over... but the hang-overs aren't! When the booze flows... it's off with the clothes. This lucky stud would have wore clean boxers had he know he was going to be banging two hot coeds in front of the whole damn party!

Mid-Term Mayhem, part 1!
Mid-Term Exams certianly add stress and pressure to a student's life. That's nothing compared to the pressure this little coed was feeling in the back of her throat...and with all her friends and sorority sisters lookin on in disbeleif, suddenly all those silly little tests just lost all priority in her life and her new found carreer in cocksucking was born!

Keg Stands and Twat Slams!
While everyone is pumpin' the keg in the kitchen, this dude starts pumpin' this redhead right there in front of everyone! A moblike crowd cheers him on as he stands her on her head and stabs his cock in her snatch over and over until she gives him a public blowjob!

Class Whores Revenge!
This coed cutie gets her sophmore snatch stretched outta shape even before the first keg was floatin'! If that weren't enough of a party she does it all in front of a festival crowd while getting passed around from cock to cock like a bowl....er...a bowl of pretzels I mean.

Valley Frat Fucks, part 2!
One nasty night!!! Lesbian lip-locking, tits outta their holsters and cocks that were cocked and loaded A roomful of partiers look on as a flat-chested brunette gets used by the girls first and then the guys give her a dickin' in front of everybody.

Valley Frat Fucks, part 1!
Hot coed snatch was oozing with anticipation when the doors opened and and as the night raged on their legs opened as well! A hot blonde gets double-dicked in front of half the party and the other half were enjoying lesbian activities in other rooms!

Wild Tiki House Party!
We've hit the mother load. There was so much pussy at this party you could smell it's sweet scent in the air. There were more tits here than 1.8 GPAs at Vasser College. Rey hooked up with a little Latina chick for a quick blowjob, and John hooked up with a euro-chick for a quick fuck.

Tuscan Tramps!
All that sun must be doing wonders on those college babes in Touscon, AZ. We hooked up with one girl that was a fuckin hell cat but didn't want to be filmed. But no worries, we led her to a room with 3 hidden cams. We didn't miss a beat. Watch as she sucks and fucks Micah's friend.

Valley Frat Fuck!
It doesn't get better then this. 2 fine ass college students going at it in front of the whole crowd! Yeah, we have a few scenes like it, but it's always nice when it happens again. Oh yeah! These two seemed to be fucking for a marathon the way they were going at it. Nothing like a little dick to keep you going in some fine ass pussy huh?

Wet T-Shirt Contest
The Wet-T-Shirt disaster. How are you supposed to have a wet-t-shirt contest when the California beauties won't wear their t-shirts? We had a lot of fun at this one. Our contest quickly turned into a titty free for all. Tit flashing, groping, sucking and eventually some Californication!.

Chico State University
Micah finds himself in a huge outdoor party with great music and great crowd flashers. He hooked up with a girl that may have had a little too much to drink. She crams a nice big glass dildo into her sweet pussy then begs for a dorm room dickin'but then she insisted on getting fucked in front of everyone.

Moorepark Debauchery!
The boys head out to Moorpark for this bit of nasty debauchery. Listen as a girl explains how her own mother taught her how to suck dick. See a lesbian shove a bottle into her friend's pretty little pussy. Aahhh classic CFF. .

Santa Barbara Frenzy!
Micah and Blair returned home for yet another wild party. I don't know where to start on this one. We got a guy jumping not once but twice from the 2nd story balcony, we got tit flashers, cock suckers, and tit suckers. Oh and we got like an orgy happening in an suv. This is by far one of the wildest parties so far. Lot's of great action in this one.

Santa Barbara Munch Down!
Micah and Blair returned to S.B. State for this College Fuck Fest. They hooked up with some old friends and met new ones. They got a couple of lesbians to fuck on film which was a huge hit for the party goers. One of them was a first timer. She was shy at first but once the cameras started to roll she took charge.

Micahs 21st B-Day Party!
Micah turned 21 and it was time to party indeed. He was just sober enough to film it. Lots of cool glow stuff, and great sex. This couple fucked like rabbits in Micah's old room. A few cute bitches watched as Bryan pumped Missy full of cum. She takes a great load of jizz, just like the best of them.

Long Beach University!
Our CFF Host Wayne, fucked a fine ass chick with nice big tits. This party is out of control. One guy almost got into a fight while getting a blowjob. Another guy shot a load of cum down a girls throat so hard she started choking.

Austin TX Hoe Down!
We flew down to Texas for Halloween weekend. Those Texans really know how to have a good time. Flashers in the courtyard, and anal probing in the apartments. Frenchy even fucked his friend's chick. Don't worry Frenchy, we won't show anyone. YEAH RIGHT!

Phi Phi Gamma Toga Party!
We went back to Phi Phi Gamma for their Toga party. These guys are true party animals. One girl is doing beer bongs while the foreign exchange student, Jessica, is getting her pussy hammered in the living room. Welcome to American College life Jessica.

Pimp And Hoe Party!
Some fine ass college bitches rolled up to this party and Wayne tried to claim them all as his own. He may have been the hardest pimp, but he wasn't the hardest dick. You'll see as Ashley gets plowed by her pimp. Her pussy takes a pounding and kept on going. Just like a good ho.

Freshmans Fantacy!
This party was thrown by one of the guys we met in Santa Barbra. Smokin' hot chicks at this one. We knew Michelle was a freaky bitch but we didn't expect her to get pounded in the ass by the pussy wrecking crew. She ends up smiling and soaked in sperm.

Santa Barbara Part 2!
We had a good time in Santa Barbra. We rolled up on two girls going at it for the first time. Jen was really shy and almost didn't want to do it. We convinced her, and before the night was over she was sucking a strangers dick, while finger fucking her best friends pussy.

Santa Barbara Part 1!
We went out to Santa Barbra for the mother of all College Parties. You'll just have to see it to believe how big it was. We got crowd flashers, cock suckers, and pussy pounders so take your pick. Did I mention college babes?

West Valley Free for all!
Benny threw this party at his parents house. He invited his frat brothers... and a few other people. Benny's major is biology and yes he has a pet aligator. Not to worry, the aligator is fine. The back of Sara's throat... well, a hot load of cum fixed that.

Partying 101
Bangin' party!! Guys, Girls, Tits, Ass, Dancing, Drinking, and a little spanking!! We had a fun time at this one. One freaky chick got off on letting everyone spank her ass untill it was bright red. One chick could barely keep her top on.

Tau Lambda Tau Party!
Crazy Party!! This was by far the biggest party we've had so far.We went to the Tau Lambda Tau party and got a little more than we bargained for. This party was HUGE!!! There was probably more than 200 people there. A chick gladly volunteered herself to be in our video.

Phi Phi Gamma!
These guys really know how to party. A few chicks really let loose. One girl was doing anal right there in front of her sorority sisters as they watched in horror. But, she was loving this little ass intrusion. Maybe it was a secret even to her girlfriends how much she loved a cock in her ass. Who knows, who cares. It was fucking beautiful.

Lambda Kappa Lambda
The Lambda Kappa Lambda house was a lot of fun. One girl really liked anal play. As she would suck dick, or while having her pussy eaten out, she would slip a finger into her tight little asshole...any volenteers?

Sigma Lamda Epsilon !
The Sigma Lamda Epsilon house was pretty freaky. Their girls weren't shy at all. Not these girls, they were sucking dicks, and fucking cock before they even touched the beer or the chips & dip.

College Fuck Fest Premier!
The first party we filmed was off the hook. Some chick got fucked and passed out. Another couple tried to be discreet, but the party found them in a truck fucking like only wild college students do.

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